Moving ahead together- A synergy workshop in Brussels

A meeting on Scaling-up & Mentoring Activities took place in Brussels on 20 January 2016 in Brussels, aimed specifically at strengthening synergies between the three CIP integrated care projects CareWell, BeyondSilos and SmartCare.

The meeting reunited European Commission officials and the B3 Action Group of the EIP on AHA with representatives of the three projects. With a tightly packed agenda, the event was of particular importance for the three projects as it clarified the current political context of the EIP on AHA, stressed the significance of the current Call for Reference Sites and shed light on multiple points pertaining to the scaling-up strategy and the mentoring actions and commitments.

Synergy workshop in Brussels (Photo made by Matteo Apuzzo)

One of the meeting’s principal objectives was to discuss continuous coordination efforts between the projects and the B3 Action Group. Jean Bousquet highlighted the Group’s experience with integrated care for chronic diseases, in order to underline the importance of success stories in the Scaling-up strategy.  The progress registered by the three projects was also reviewed in terms of deployment and recruitment status, emphasising the value of smooth cooperation between actors and the urgency to continue facilitating it.