A busy autumn is coming up

In the fourth quarter of 2014, many events and conferences concerning ICT and Integrated Care take place throughout Europe and beyond.

In the last three months of 2014, many events in the field of Integrated Care are taking place across Europe and beyond its borders. The following text presents a collection of the most important events.

The European Health Forum Gastein, has developed into an important institution in the scope of European health policy. The 17th edition of the conference, held from 01. – 03. October, provides a major platform for decision-makers in various fields of public health and health care. The three-day programme offers a unique opportunity to exchange information of current health issues.

Health 2.0 Europe, to be held in London from 10. – 11. November, together with the Health Annual Fall Conference, 21. – 24. September in Silicon Valley, are the leading showcases of the ground-breaking technologies affecting health and healthcare. The event in London will focus on the one hand on R&D, health professionals, children, the elderly etc. and gives on the other hand the opportunity to eHealth start-ups to present their ideas and businesses. The conference ususally attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians, NHS and private sector suppliers for thought-provoking discussion and exchange of ideas.

The 2nd World Congress on Integrated Care takes places in Sydney from 23. – 26. November and is co-organised by the International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC). The congress will provide participants with the opportunity to get in touch with policy-makers, practitioners and researchers working in the field of integrated care. The main congress themes are:  a) integration of population, acute and chronic care, b) integration of mental and physical health care, c) platforms underpinning integrated care, d) co-producing health. The full programme is available for download on the conference website.

From 24. – 25. November the event Integrated Care – How can technology help takes place in London. It is organized by the Royal Society of Medicine and will pick out the central themes of all principal care disciplines which so often fail to work together to deliver integral care: primary care, secondary care, mental health, social care and third sector engagement.

AGE Annual Conference, held in Brussels on 04. December, will discuss how EU, Member States, regions and local actors can adapt to the challenges arising from rapidly ageing populations and approaches that are sustainable and equitable to all generations. At the moment of reviewing the Europe 2020 Strategy, AGE would also like to launch a debate on how to reorient its objectives to ensure a fair and enduring growth for European citizens at every stage of life.

The multiplicity of events in 2014 will be continued in March 2015 with the 15th International Conference for Integrated Care. The event is organized by IFIC in partnership with NHS24 and the Joint Improvement Team of the Scottish Government and will take place from 25. – 27. March in Edinburgh. The main aims are to exchange knowledge, experience and new ideas in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. Key themes are: a) Promoting engagement and co-producation: people at the centre of care design and delivery, b) Tackling multimorbidities, health inequalities and people with complex care needs, c) Transforming care systems: Evaluation and Continuous Improvement, d) Digital health and innovations, e) Building capacity – workforce, skill mix and the contribution of ‘other’ sectors such as housing.