Last mentoring workshop successfully conducted

On 5th October 2016 BeyondSilos conducted its final mentoring workshop. It focussed on "Upscaling & Mainstreaming Guidelines" and was attended by 30 participants.

Final Conference

The registration for our Joint CareWell and BeyondSilos conference, February 28th 2017 in Barcolona is now open! Find out all about the agenda, speakers and the venue here.

6th Training School will take place on 5th October 2016

As part of its training & mentoring programme, the BeyondSilos project will hold its 6th training school on the topics of “Upscaling & Mainstreaming Guidelines” on Crete, Greece on the 5th October 2016.

Moving ahead together- A synergy workshop in Brussels

A meeting on Scaling-up & Mentoring Activities took place in Brussels on 20 January 2016 in Brussels, aimed specifically at strengthening synergies between the three CIP integrated care projects CareWell, BeyondSilos and SmartCare.

Spreading the word about BeyondSilos in Portugal

BeyondSilos was presented at a meeting organised by the Local Council for Social Action in Amadora on 18 December 2015.

Creating synergies with EIP AHA- 4th Conference of partners

BeyondSilos participated in the 4th Conference of Partners on European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) on 9-10 December 2015 in Brussels.

BeyondSilos at BSA conference on “ICT and Integrated Care”

BeyondSilos partner BSA organised a well recognised conference on “ICT and Integrated Care Conference” in Barcelona on 12th and 13th of November 2015. The conference was very well attended by almost 200 people from international research and practice.

TV documentary related to the project BeyondSilos in Bulgaria

One of the most popular TV channels in Bulgaria “bTV” aired a documentary related to the project BeyondSilos in Bulgaria. The documentary involved a lady, Ms. Karapeneva, participating in the project and one of the ladies from the Center for Protection of the Rights in the Healthcare (CPRH) working in the Call Center. Ms. Karapeneva explains before the cameras, that since she has been included in BeyondSilos she feels more relaxed and has a sense of security that her health is observed. During the documentary she activates the panic button that signals a dangerous condition. The reporters trace the connection to the call center where the measurement results of her vital signs are sent to. The documentary (in Bulgarian language) can be watched here:

After one year

BeyondSilos has been running for more than a year now and in May it was time for partners to meet again, take stock and plan the work ahead. This time, the consortium meeting took place in Bonn, Germany.

Change management for integrated care

Health and social care providers in BeyondSilos as well as in its sister projects SmartCare and CareWell undertake major changes to service delivery processes. A training school on change management helps them to optimize their efforts.

Training Workshop in Valencia

Find out about the BeyondSilos training workshop in Valencia on 28 January in our new video.

BeyondSilos visits LaFe Hospital in Valencia

During a meeting at the BeyondSilos pilot site Valencia (Spain) on 31 January 2015, the project visited the LaFe Hospital to get acquainted with the services piloted there.

Simulate before you implement

Implementing an integrated eCare services requires anticipating numerous positive and negative impacts on a range of stakeholders. SmartCare's Service Implementation Simulator teaches you how to do just that.

39 European regions, one goal: better co-ordination of care provision

In the framework of SmartCare, BeyondSilos and CareWell, 39 European regions have committed to improve collaboration across the care spectrum. All three initiatives are now jointly presented on a new website.

Beyond Silos discussed at KFGN15

The 10th Gesundheitsnetzwerker congress, a major event for healthcare service providers in Germany, took place last month from 29-30 April in Berlin

A single point of access for clients- First BeyondSilos user went live in February 2015

After a very short time of preparatory work of only one year, a group of Badalona’s older people who live with multiple chronic conditions now receive better joined-up social and healthcare services.

BeyondSilos highlights application of its care delivery model in disadvantaged community

BeyondSilos rejoined its sister projects for a session at the 15th International Conference for Integrated Care 2015, which took place last week in Edinburgh. The yearly conference of the International Foundation of Integrated Care is a major event sparking some of the most relevant debates in integrated care initiatives. This year’s edition of the conference (25-27 March), organised in partnership with the Scottish Government, raised the topic of ´Complex Needs, Integrated Solutions: Engaging, empowering and enabling people for active and healthy living´. The conference brought together experts from Europe and North America. Discussions were divided thematically between engaging with individuals, carers, families and communities, the challenge of multimorbidities, health inequalities and complexity, the transformation of care systems and innovations in digital health. BeyondSilos took part in a joint session on Friday along its sister projects CareWell and SmartCare. The session ai...

Meet and learn

A European project on integrated care is much more than dull 'work work work', it is a forum for the joint creation of ideas and for mutual learning. BeyondSilos partners experienced this first hand during their last meeting in Amadora, Portugal.

Le attività di internalizzazione dell’AOU San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi d’Aragona: il lancio di Beyond Silos durante l’Open Days della Commissione Europea

Il ruolo dell’Ospedale nella erogazione delle cure sanitarie negli ultimi anni è cambiato per poter rispondere in maniera adeguata alle necessità della popolazione che invecchia sempre di più. Sono cambiati i bisogni di cura assistenziali, migliorate le terapie che permettono una  più lunga aspettativa di vita, e di concerto sono aumentati i carichi di lavoro per il sistema sanitario. Di fronte  a queste sfide, sempre più attuali ed impellenti, bisogna trovare risposte moderne ed adeguate, sostenibili ed efficienti. E’ chiaro che in assenza di risorse, l’integrazione tra i diversi attori che erogano assistenza è un ambito importante per migliorare l’offerta e ottimizzare  i costi. Da questa visione scaturisce la necessità di innovare l’offerta assistenziale sociale e sanitaria, con nuovi percorsi di assistenza integrata, nuove responsabilità di ciascun attore, nuove professionalità.  Le tecnologie innovative della comunicazione (ICT) sono un importante strumento per la realizzazione di que...

Parceiros europeus do projeto BeyondSilos visitam a Amadora

No âmbito do projeto BeyondSilos, decorreu na Amadora, nos passados dias 15, 16 e 17 de outubro, uma reunião de trabalho do consórcio europeu, que é liderado pela Irlanda do Norte.

A busy autumn is coming up

In the fourth quarter of 2014, many events and conferences concerning ICT and Integrated Care take place throughout Europe and beyond.

More than a consortium meeting in Belfast

A meeting of BeyondSilos partners in Belfast this June proofed to be more than just project work.

Projeto “BeyondSilos” – Apresentação formal aos parceiros

Decorreu no passado dia 15 de maio, na Escola das Profissões e do Desporto da Amadora e no âmbito da Sessão Plenária do Conselho Local de Ação Social da Amadora, a apresentação formal, aos parceiros do Município, do projeto europeu “BeyondSilos – Learning from integrated Ecare practice and promoting deployment in European Regions”.

Mehr Vernetzung in der Pflege

BeyondSilos startete in diesem Monat mit einem Kick-off-Treffen aller Projektpartner in Badalona, Spanien und wird bis Ende 2017 abgeschlossen sein.

Off to a good start

People talking at the kick-off meeting

A meeting of highly engaged people, great hospitality in Badalona in Spain and a basket full of innovative ideas for social and health care integration made for a great start of BeyondSilos.