Spreading the word about BeyondSilos in Portugal

BeyondSilos was presented at a meeting organised by the Local Council for Social Action in Amadora on 18 December 2015.

The meeting was attended by an audience of more than 30 people from policy and practice, representing members from the Local Council for Social Action from social care, education and healthcare sectors.

The presentation made by Adriano Fernandez from Misericordia Amadora and Ruth Goncalves from the Municipality Amadora allowed the audience to understand the journey towards integrated eCare implementation in Amadora within the framework of the BeyondSilos project.

The presentation started with describing the current social and economic challenges. Amadora has, as many other European regions, to cope with an increasingly ageing population and as a consequence must re-think and re-design social and healthcare provision.

This was followed by a detailed explanation of the approach of service design and implementation taken in BeyondSilos as well as the adaptations of this generic approach that had to be made in order to accommodate local/regional needs and specifics. These adaptations particularly concerned the design of the service process model as well as the approaches taken for training.

Further to this, steps and processes in relation to pilot preparation and up-scaling approaches were presented.

The outcomes were very interesting, due to the fact that the audience considered the Project very interesting and useful and posed a lot of questions in terms of the possibility of mainstreaming to other organisations and territories.