BeyondSilos visits LaFe Hospital in Valencia

During a meeting at the BeyondSilos pilot site Valencia (Spain) on 31 January 2015, the project visited the LaFe Hospital to get acquainted with the services piloted there.

“With the BeyondSilos Project we want to guarantee an integrated social and health care support”, Dr Bernado Valdivieso, Manager of Telemedicine and the Hospital at Home Unit of LaFe said.

The visit was a great chance for colleting feedback from hospital staff and other stakeholders and to clarify the strategy for care integration in the Valencia region.

“The project is important because it allows us to take the next step in the development of the service we are delivering”, Gustavo Monlean from the Coordination Department of ATENZIA, explained.

Find out more about the visit, the interviews and meeting agenda in our project meeting video.