Beyond Silos discussed at KFGN15

The 10th Gesundheitsnetzwerker congress, a major event for healthcare service providers in Germany, took place last month from 29-30 April in Berlin

The Gesundheitsnetzwerker make up a platform that facilitates the free exchange of information and experiences between dedicated healthcare professionals. The 10th edition of their yearly congress, took up the motto “Care 10: Interlocked, interconnected and interlinked”.

This year’s themes explored how the pursuit of improved quality care involves the implementation of ICT technologies, bringing together different tiers and stakeholders. eHealth discussions were carried both at a technical as well as at a managerial-economic level.

Reinhard Hammerschmidt, Senior Consultant with empirica gave a presentation on the challenges doctors and healthcare networks are faced with when dealing with funding applications. His talk aimed to clear out misconceptions and ambiguities that might deter healthcare professionals from participating in European projects.  The process of dealing with tenders can become much more approachable with the right support from experts. The presentation used BeyondSilos as an example of such a successful endeavor and touched on the project’s goals and achievements as a project specifically focused on the advancement of integrated eCare in Europe and beyond.

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